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Handy Solutions Digital Bathroom Scale/ Weighing Machine

Handy Solutions digital bathroom weighing personal scale has been designed to accurately indicate your weight gain or loss over a period of time and should give many years of service under normal use, the Handy Solutions weight Scale automatically switches off to save the battery when it is not being used for some time. This saves the battery from getting unnecessarily wasted. This machine also has a low battery indicator so that you remain in the know for when the battery is running low. It is Equipped with a digital LED display, the Handy Solutions weight Scale makes it easier to read the results of the scale. This electric weighing scale has a 4 sensor technology that helps to take proper readings of your weight without mistakes. This product helps to show readings that are largely accurate so that you can remain better informed about your health. There is also an error indicator in this machine in case there is some problem with the reading or the weighed item. So, wait no more! Order the Handy Solutions weight Scale online, right now!

How to weight

1. Remove the insulation film, put the scale

on a hard & flat surface (avoid

carpet of soft surface), wait 2 seconds before weighing.

2. Set up unit prior to use, unit can not be converted when weight.

3. Stand on the scale in balance, you can

read the result automatically when the weight is set after 3 seconds and automatically switch off after 8 seconds.

Note: Before putting the scale in the flat & hard surface, the scale is.

automatically switch off, you must weight automatically first.

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